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Nederlandse vertaling van het Engelse woord one‐armed

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one‐armed bandit
(fruit machine; penny‐in‐the‐slot machine; slot‐machine)
; ; ;
🔗 Now, the Eastern European countries most worried about a future Russian attack are arming themselves.
(affiliate; affiliation; branch; subsidiary);
🔗 His arms and legs were long and as gaunt as his torso.
(people; they; we; you; a fellow; a man)
🔗 How does one find Pandelume, then?
🔗 One in six care workers in the UK is from overseas, but very few earn the £ 25,600 threshold proposed by the committee.
(any; some kind of; some)een of ander; een of andere;
(anybody; anyone; somebody; someone)
🔗 Where may one be found?
🔗 Does Islam worship the one god of Abraham, like Jews and Christians, or some other god?
one‐armed banditfruitautomaat; fruitmachine; gokautomaat; gokkast; speelautomaat
armarm; armleuning; beslaan; bewapenen; leuning; mouw; pantseren; scherp stellen; tak; wapen; wapenen; wiek; zich wapenen
onede een; een; een en dezelfde; een enkele; een zekere; eentje; ene; iemand; je; men; één