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Nederlandse vertaling van het Engelse woord seeing

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EngelsNederlands (indirect vertaald)Esperanto
(appreciate; be aware of; be conscious of; realize)
(consider; ponder; reflect; take into account; debate)
🔗 The Union of Utrecht is seen as the foundation of the modern Netherlands.
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(deem; feel; hold; opine; reckon; think; believe; find); ; ; ; ;
🔗 If you’re interested in running PHP on Windows, see Chapter 15, which explains your many options.
🔗 After 10 years of being blind, a 78‐year‐old Israeli man can see again after receiving the first successful artificial cornea transplant.
(call on; visit)
🔗 I was on my way to see you and I have found you a full two day’s march sooner than I expected.
(be anxious; be concerned; care; take care)
🔗 See that I am not disturbed.
zorg dragen
🔗 But now they seem unable to see they are siding with the aggressor because that aggressor is not the West, but Russia.
🔗 Three sisters are convinced they saw a big cat while out for a country walk.
🔗 I saw him a little while ago.
🔗 If I see you do it then, perhaps, I can do it.
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seeingaangezien; zien; ziende
seeing thataangezien
far‐seeingver vooruitziend; vooruitziend
seeaanschouwen; aartsbisdom; aartsbisschopszetel; begrijpen; beleven; bezoeken; bisdom; bisschopszetel; brengen; ervoor zorgen; inzien; kijken; meemaken; ontvangen; opzoeken; raadplegen; signaleren; snappen; spreken; te woord staan; vatten; zien
sightseeingbezienswaardigheden bekijken
unseeingblind; niets ziend; onopmerkzaam